At this point where
no one can stand to the side

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Your donations are showing an immeasurable help to those affected by the ongoing war in Ukraine. We are able to ship humanitarian aide in a timely manner, helping those in most need.

We cannot stop the war, but we can reduce the suffering of those running from it.

What can you change?


Who we are helping:

Refugees in Ukraine

Assistance to organizations that care about immigrants who temporarily reside in camps or in the territories of the church We help with essentials, food, hygiene products, clothing, and more, with God's help and our Partners we were able to send more than 100 tons of humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

Refugees in Europe

In a place with our partners in Warsaw, we were able to host and resettle more than 1,000 families to support them financially provide them with daytime lunches, also we help with food and other issues. We also help them get to the EU countries.

Refugees in Washington

We help arrived families integrate in a new country, provide advice on various issues, help with basic necessities, finances and psychological assistance in trauma recovery. To date, we have managed to help more than 150 families in Washington State.

How are we helping:

Food products and clothing 

Shelter for volunteering organizations 

Medicinal supplies and hygiene products 

Expert consultation

Transportation for refugees


Humanitarian aide shipments 

Psychological support 

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Who we are?

We are a charitable organization located on the territory of the United States of America, today our main mission is to protect refugees who suffered from hostilities on the territory of Ukraine and were forced to leave their homes and flee to other countries.

Our main forces are aimed at people who are in America and in the EU countries, we also support organizations that care about refugee in Ukraine, providing them with humanitarian assistance, food, clothing, basic necessities.
Our main goal is to take care of the physical, psychological and mental safety of people, providing them with first aid in the new country.

For people, forced relocation to a new country is a big challenge and psychological stress. Our main task is to become a support for women, children, the elderly, for the most vulnerable segments of the population.

Our partners

They are gratefull to you

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